Law22 is a professional law corporation established by a Harvard Law graduate with a specific goal in mind: To provide premiere legal services at below market rates for individuals and small businesses who deserve quality legal services without the large firm’s price tag.  

At Law22, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional legal representation and advocacy at rates 30% to 50% below the market average rate.  Our affordability is only one of several factors that separate us from other law firms. What ultimately distinguish us, is our legal expertise, business insight, diverse experience and sincere desire to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Simply put, our primary motivation at Law22 is to utilize our legal education and wide-ranging experience to benefit everyday people and businesses who simply cannot afford to spend an arm and a leg on legal fees. Furthermore, Law22 represents, at any given time, at least five cases on an either pro bono basis or an extremely reduced-fee arrangement. Such cases do not only help those in need, but go a long way in sharpening our attorneys’ legal knowledge and trial experience.


Call us today to set up an appointment and find out how the attorneys at Law22 can help with any of the following areas:

Personal Injury



Business Law

Wills & Trusts

Civil Harassment

Debt Reduction & Modification


Congratulations to Fadi K. Amer of Law22 for being selected in the top 2.5% of lawyers in Southern California by Super Lawyers Magazine

Amer of Law22 Guest Lectures at USC

Why Choose Us?

Our relationship with clients is built on Trust, Clarity and Integrity. No hidden fees, no loopholes.

At Law22, we believe everyone has the right to quality legal service without the large law firm price tag.

Law22's Founding Attorney earned his law degree at Harvard, worked at a top national law firm and at Department of Homeland Security, which altogether yield unparalleled legal service and insight.

Law22 attorneys think outside the box, combining legal and business expertise. Our attorneys come up with the most strategic options to deliver the best result possible for our clients.

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The idea of starting a law corporation that is focused on providing affordable legal services...

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The fee for an initial 30 minute consultation is $22, no strings attached...

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