I found out about Law 22 when their flyer came to my door step. I had been going through some immigration issues and I needed to file some paper work to get my husband here. So I called them up, made and appointment, and they immediately filed the paper work that I needed, and told […]

Up until Law22, my experience with 3 other immigration lawyers was nothing short of nightmarish.  They were all the same, they told me what I wanted to hear at first, promised to work very hard on my sister’s case, and insisted on upfront retainer.  But once they got paid, they stopped returning my phone calls […]

My father–an immigrant, CA and U.S. Resident, graduate of CSUN, and Industrial Engineer–has had a troubled past, both personally and legally. He was recently sentenced to prison for over a year and as a result was issued a deportation order by Homeland Security, whereby he was transferred to a detention center in Arizona. We met […]