Can’t even begin to explain how helpful, professional and friendly Fadi and his team are. After making a horrible decision and moving into what turned out to be a crime infested apt complex in Canoga Park where we had our cars burglarized TWICE, and experienced a rash of apt burglaries. We were desperate in getting out of our 1 year lease at this place. The apt complex bullied us and said we couldn’t move out unless we payed for the entire year upfront. Keep in mind we were only there for 3 months.

We searched yelp like we always do to find the best possible lawyer for our situation. Law22 had a crazy good 5 star rating so we decided to set up a consultation. Even though Fadi doesn’t specialize in this type of law he bent over backwards to help us out. During our consultation which was only like 20 minutes he had already drafted a letter to send to the apt complex. A few days letter we get a call from the president of the entire property company saying they were releasing us from the lease without penalty AND we were getting our entire security deposit back. Fadi was amazing in getting every single penny back for us to move into a new and safer apt complex.

Through this process which took a total of about 2 months. Fadi was in contact with us the entire time. Never once did we feel like we didn’t know what was going on. He fought for us like we were family. He even came up with other creative ways we can get out of our lease in case the apt complex was gonna be difficult and not let us out. Can’t say enough about Law22 and their exceptional customer service.

Needless to say we have found our Lawyer.

- Dong D.

Wow!! Went to Law 22 based on yelp reviews, for my Dads immigration case. My dads case was very tough from the beginning, we went in to see Fadi with a case that was done wrong from 2 previous immigration lawyers;one of which announces himself on TV commercials promising a green card, my dads case also contained fraudulent information a notary had done decades ago. Based on the previous lawyers mediocre work my dad was facing deportation.
We went to see Fadi, even before the first visit we explained my dads situation and he quickly made time for us to see him. He gave us great advice before even charging us anything as well as helped to clean up the mess from the 2 previous lawyers. He dedicated a lot of his time for my dads case, even more than anyone can repay him, he involved our whole family throughout the process and alwAys kept us informed on what was going on. He took his time to let us know every detail and the reality of things not just what you want to hear so he can make a quick buck like other lawyers.
Fadi is an amazing person first, above all else he is a caring human being and because of this he has a genuine interest in helping people get through their situations going above and beyond for each of his clients to help them in any way he can, combining that with his mastery of his field makes for an amazing lawyer that delivers. My dads case was approved and he is an official resident, Fadi has forever changed our family’s course for the better. He will always be remembered in our family for giving us this amazing gift. Choose law 22, will be the best decision you make.

- Adriana G.