Do you need to submit an immigration application? Are you wondering how an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can help? Law22 lawyers can represent you in solving all of your immigration problems. Our immigration lawyers handle a large variety of immigration cases including deportations, court hearings, asylum, adjustment of status, citizenship, work authorizations and other types of visa applications. Remember that it will be essential to choose a lawyer who is licensed, and experienced with the current and changing immigration laws.


Overseas Workers

An attorney from our immigration law office can help companies complete the paperwork to hire overseas workers. Our work permit lawyer will advise you on the best way of completing the visa application. Immigration lawyers are also needed when a work visa application has been denied. You should contact an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles for information on the correct way to resubmit the application. You do not want to risk having the application denied a second time without the consultation of a lawyer. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with your immigration lawyer in the Los Angeles area to discuss your case.


Deportations and Removals

Under United States law, there are various actions that result in a person being removed or deported from the country. These include committing certain types of crime (misdemeanor or felony), violating the rules of a work permit or student visa, overstaying your visa or entering illegally. Our Los Angeles deportation lawyer will give you relevant information and advice on how to avoid deportation or removal. If you are satisfied with the advice or the consultation, our lawyer can represent you during your Los Angeles a removal proceeding. By using our experienced Los Angeles attorney, we can provide you with strategies to have your Los Angeles deportation case or order to appear canceled.  Our immigration lawyers in Los Angeles have also been successful at obtaining cancellation of removal, withholding of removal, and temporary protected status.


Family and Marriage Visas

One question that our immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can easily answer is the question, “How do I petition my husband, wife, mother or other family members?” If you are searching for a way to get any of your family members a green card or to come to the USA, then our immigration lawyer should be the first person you contact. The biggest benefit in hiring our immigration lawyer is the peace of mind that the petition and all the paperwork are going to be handled professionally, quickly and correctly the first time around. The best lawyer is the one who is up-to-date with current legislation and laws regarding marriage visas, green cards and other petitions. Your application will need to comply with all the requirements to obtain a green card or work authorization for your family members. A bona-fide immigration lawyer can tell you your true chances of having the application approved and the wait time before your relative can come to the US.  So instead of wondering, “How do I petition my wife, mother, etc,” contact an immigration lawyer in L. A.


Legal Help

An immigration lawyer in Los Angeles is ideal when you need legal help for any immigration case. You can be represented by an asylum lawyer who can help you gain approval to stay in the United States. Also when you need advice about your citizenship interview, the first person you should turn for guidance is your Law22 lawyer. Anyone needing an adjustment of status or wanting to switch non-immigrant visas within the United States should definitely seek legal help from an immigration lawyer before taking any steps. More importantly, if you discover that your application decision has to be appealed, then your Los Angeles immigration attorney can provide you with an essential plan on what information to provide to have your previous decision overturned. These are just a few examples of how our immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can help, so call us to schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss your case.