Building on its extensive litigation and complex negotiation experience, Law22 is pleased to offer full litigation and settlement services family law including divorce, community asset determination and distribution, child custody rights, alimony and child support.  The Team at Law22 understands that divorce, family separation, division of assets and alimony distribution are extremely difficult and emotionally taxing experiences to go through.  We get it and we are here for you.  Our goal during that difficult time is simple: make the entire process as easy as possible for our clients.  As a matter of fact, we always encourage our clients to just provide us with the requested information and paperwork and leave everything else up to us.

Although we always encourage our clients to reach an amicable solution between themselves, we understand that there are many situations where that is simply not possible.  Moreover, we also understand that many clients greatly dislike (or even loathe) the divorce process and oftentimes consider accepting less than optimal settlement offers in the hope of avoiding conflict; sometimes that makes sense, but oftentimes it does not.  In fact our experience has shown that clients are much more satisfied when the terms of the divorce or judgment are fair to them and their short term and long term needs, even if they undergo several months of conflict or contentious litigation.

Our formula for success is simple and straightforward:  We fight for our clients and do whatever it takes to ensure that they obtain everything that they are entitled to under the law.

We do not let our clients get pushed around.