Risk Avoidance & Counseling

Our business litigation experience (consisting of a wide range of cases including breach of contract claims, intellectual property disputes, bad faith and employer-employee relations, among others) does not only make us an ideal firm to represent you with your business law disputes, but also the ideal firm to help your company navigate and avoid unnecessary litigation in the first place.  The best analogy that we can give is that litigation is like surgery (expensive and unpredictable) while seeking early consultations is like obtaining a check or maintaining a healthy lifestyle (relatively inexpensive and safe).

As stated above litigation and disputes are expensive and unpredictable, that is why it is critical to seek the advice of counsel before taking any decisions that may impact your business.  Whether it is entering a contract, hiring/firing an employee, drafting a confidentiality agreement, or making a claim on your product, it is extremely critical to seek the advice of a qualified counsel to ensure that your company is not put at risk.  While we may not be specialized in your area of business, our job is to ensure that you are asking the right questions and retaining attorneys that are specialized in that field, if necessary.  Better yet, our general counsel services ensure that you would get the best rates and best services from other attorneys that are specialized in a particular field.

As your general counsel, our goal is simple: protect your company and do our part to ensure it thrives.  To name a few, our current list of clients include real estate investment firms, CPG technology manufacturer, home health agencies, candy manufacturer, security technology firm, and countless others valued at tens of millions of dollars.



Sometimes, unfortunately, litigation is unavoidable.  Contracts are misunderstood or breached, employees are discontent, intellectual property is stolen or confidentiality agreements are ignored.  Although our rates are exceptionally competitive, it is our success and results that set us apart.  Our wide range of trial practice (which extends beyond civil matters into bankruptcy and deportation courts) provide us with a unique ability to think creatively and draw on different experience and knowledge not commonly available to other lawyers.