Perhaps second only to criminal law, there is not another area of law where the consequences of losing a trial are so severe and life changing.  Immigration law, in many ways embodies the execution of law in ways that very few areas do.  This is so, because unlike most other areas of law, when it […]

So your teenage son wants to go out with his friends to see a movie, do you recommend that he takes his car and drive them, or would you rather be a passenger in one of his friends’ cars? Believe it or not, this is a very important yet complicated question with huge financial and […]

In general, humans are wired and encouraged to resolve conflicts and uncertainties as soon as possible.  In personal injury accidents, however, such a predisposition is often harmful and extremely counterproductive to the injured party.  Yet you will never find the insurance companies complaining about that because they are almost always the ones who benefit from […]

After years of countless frustrating experiences with the banks, California’s legislatures, finally passed the Homeowner’s Bill Of Rights (SB 900 and AB 278) law making it illegal for banks to “double track” and “Robo” sign foreclosure documents.  It’s  very hard for us here at Law22, to adequately express how we feel about the passage of […]

10 Things To Do or Not Do When Involved in an Auto Accident 1.       Do Not give a recorded statement or speak to anyone that tries to contact you immediately after your accident: Do not give a recorded statement to anyone until you have consulted with an attorney or if you had time to think carefully about […]

Law22 Founder, Fadi K. Amer, Esq. was invited as a guest lecturer at USC’s Marshall School of Business. Mr. Amer provided valuable insight in the MBA Entrepreneurial course “Cases in Feasibility Analysis”. The course prepares MBA candidates to create a feasibility plan for a new venture of their choosing. Professor Helena Yli-Renko, PhD and Professor […]