When you find yourself in a difficult situation and you truly don’t know what else you have left to do, you have to contact these guys! My father and I had a restaurant business and due to the economy, our business really started to slow down. We were barely staying afloat with our bills and we were on the verge to file for bankruptcy, on top of that problem we were also facing some problems with one of our previous business partner. Immediately I began to visit attorneys and made appointments with several of them and I could not find an affordable nor, one who I truly felt would handle my case in the best manner for me and not for his profit. It was not until my father was recommended to Law22 by a long time friend, that I found the comfort, understanding and affordability that I was looking for. I wish I had known about this law firm before visiting so many other attorneys and paying them on average $150.00 just for the initial consultation. I was a little concerned about paying another $150.00 to another attorney, so I decided to research some background on Law22. To my surprise the price for their initial consultation was $22.00!! I was in total shock and believed it was too good to be true. I reviewed the lawyer’s background which truly was very impressive; graduated from UCLA with a bachelor in Political Science and a graduate from Harvard Law School. I decided to schedule an appointment and when I attended I was greeted in a very friendly manner by his staff. Compared to the other law offices I had previously visited, Law22 definitely reflected a more caring environment. I spoke to the attorney and he had presented me with different options and possible strategies we could use to solve my dilemma. I left my appointment very satisfied and with relief. The next week my father and I decided to hire him as our attorney.  The attorney definitely took a load of stress off my shoulder and handled my case in the best manner.

- Vanessa H.