Law 22 is a class act law firm. They helped me through the hardest time of my life and I will be forever grateful.

When I first walked in and met Fadi, the owner and main attorney, I was completely broken. I was in debt by over 100K due to a business deal gone bad. I had never thought this could happen to me. I was a responsible person and I felt so guilty that it had come to this. I had let things go for over a year and creditors were calling. I was broke. Upset. I felt so alone. Not one person knew what I was going through.

I chose Law 22 because that was about all I could afford for a consultation – $22. That is no joke. It was the best $22 I have ever spent!

Fadi’s brother Frank greeted me at the door, along with a very nice receptionist. They gave me coffee and water and the office was bright and cheery. I felt good vibes immediately.

I was still upset though, and when I went into Fadi’s office I started crying as soon as I walked in. I felt so ashamed. I had been dreading meeting with an attorney because I knew how most of them made me feel… a little guilty and bad about myself. But this meeting with Fadi was the exact opposite. In fact, it felt like I had just gone in to meet with a life coach or something! Fadi was positive minded and listened carefully. He not only gave me good legal advice and laid out a path for me, but he made me feel OK about myself, even smiling a bit when I left. I felt like I just had a great therapy session. It was so obvious that he really cared.

The entire staff carries this same spirit. They are all helpful and kind and they sincerely care about you. Throughout the bankruptcy process, things went smoothly and they helped me every step of the way. Near the end, there was a problem with a creditor (which rarely happens but this issue involved some personal business), and Fadi and his team took care of this for me as well (including a great young, sharp attorney named Joshua who is fabulous as well). They went above and beyond what they were required to just to smooth the situation out and see it to the end.

Just the other day, I had to call to make another appointment, and Frank and I talked on the phone for a while just about life and the economy and jobs… and they are just so REAL here. And professional. And they ‘get it’. They ‘get you’. I am just such a huge fan and this comes from my heart.

I cannot recommend a law firm more highly than Fadi and his team at Law 22. You will not be disappointed in them, and I know they will be my law firm for life. :)

- M.T.