My father–an immigrant, CA and U.S. Resident, graduate of CSUN, and Industrial Engineer–has had a troubled past, both personally and legally. He was recently sentenced to prison for over a year and as a result was issued a deportation order by Homeland Security, whereby he was transferred to a detention center in Arizona. We met with half a dozen lawyers–half of which charged us fees to simply sit down and talk with us–but many were rude, inconsiderate and reluctant to take his case. Our family was disillusioned and down, pressed against the wall emotionally and financially.

Thankfully, a good friend of mine referred me to Fadi Amer at Law 22. Mr. Amer reviewed my father’s case without charging for initial consultation; this was an indicator to me that I had finally come across an honest lawyer willing to closely examine our situation. After a three day review of paperwork and research, Mr. Amer called me with his analysis and opinion. Forthright, Mr. Amer was honest by explaining to me that this would not be an easy case. However, Mr. Amer concluded that there is a possibility of helping my father.

After our conversation, I met with Mr. Amer in his office on a Thursday. We discussed the case and agreed to help my father. This meant that Mr. Amer and his associates had to fill out paperwork and write a motion over the weekend. The following Tuesday morning, Mr. Amer booked a flight and flew from Los Angeles to Arizona for my father’s hearing. Not only was I surprised by their expedition of this matter; I was also relieved and reassured by their sincerity, courtesy, and confidence.

I can truly testify that law 22 is not only a professional corporation, but also a compassionate organization concerned first and foremost with protecting the rights of individuals. I am confident that Mr. Amer’s experience at the Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship & Immigration Services as an adjudications officer will prove be to invaluable in my father’s case.

- Richard N.

My mom needed help in the “I need to find a great personal injury lawyer” department. Being that I know nothing in that field, I decided to Google it just for fun. I pulled up some names in her area and Law22 came up.

After my mother dealt with a bunch of law men talking gobble-dee goop at her, I was determined to help her find good, knowledgeable people that were the complete opposite of other lawyers she had dealt with in the past. I calmed her by saying I would go in with her and be by her side, so I called and made the appointment.

The day comes and it’s time for us to go in. Get this: While we’re waiting in the lobby for the consultation, perusing Rolling Stone (already a sign of hipness), another client comes in with treats of chocolates and flowers! Mr. Amer (the lawyer we were there to see) was in a meeting with a client, so I took the opportunity to ask her about her experience. Hey, I figure I got nothing to lose and besides, I promised my mom I would be there for her. No time for shyness.

The gift bearing client was so sweet and completely grateful. Mr. Amer had apparently won a deportation trial for her father and saved him from being deported. She was stopping by to thank him personally. I mean… seriously? What a start right? I looked over to my mother and nodded. This is good.

My own experience with Mr. Amer (Fadi) and Josh was amazing. They are totally capable and well verse in their field and caring, personable and actually down to earth. I was truly surprised and felt good about my choice for my mother. The made sure she received all the proper treatment for her injuries without any upfront costs. There was no rush to settle and really took the time to listen to my mother’s needs.
They wanted to make sure she got as close to 100% as possible before even consider settling and/or forfeiting any future claims.
Night and day difference from her last experience!

In the end, my mom’s case was settled two days before trial, for the same amount that was originally asked for from the insurance company. We were totally stoked. And, the best part: Fadi’s rates! Lower than anyone else and the attention to detail and personal service… beyond expected.
I’m so glad I was there to witness this level of service for my mom. I highly recommend speaking with them.

- Del R.

All the reviews that I read got me curious about this place, but the treatment and results that I received made me a true believer! Mr. Amer is hands down the smartest, most strategic attorney I have come across. Underneath Mr. Amer’s charming and fun personality, there is a tenacious fighting spirit and a real desire to get the best absolute result for the client.

Instead of pushing me to settle my car accident claim for the insurance company’s “final offer” Mr. Amer encouraged me to hold off and take the case to trial instead.Although I was initially nervous about the prospect of going to court and was tempted to accept the offer, I had a lot of faith in Mr. Amer and his judgment, so I agreed to follow his advice. I began to truly appreciate Mr. Amer as an attorney, while he was helping me prepare for court. Mr. Amer has a way of distilling a case and an argument to its essence in a way that makes the entire experience seamless and fun.Shortly before trial started, the judge asked us to present our case to him in the hope of reaching a settlement. Despite the very complicated nature of my injuries and treatment, Mr. Amer was able to lay out the arguments and discuss dense medical concepts in clear, simple and compelling terms. I felt that the judge quickly came on our side, and before long, the insurance company was offering me two-and-a-half as much as their previous final offer!

Needless to say, my family and I were thrilled with the result and all the credit goes to Law22, Mr. Amer and the incredible people that work there. I really cannot recommend this place enough.

- Mona M.