Up until Law22, my experience with 3 other immigration lawyers was nothing short of nightmarish.  They were all the same, they told me what I wanted to hear at first, promised to work very hard on my sister’s case, and insisted on upfront retainer.  But once they got paid, they stopped returning my phone calls or emails.  And it was obvious to me that they were not working on her case at all.  So when I came in to see Mr. Amer I was extremely annoyed and suspicious.  Right from our first meeting he told us that it was going to be extremely difficult for us to prove that my sister was in a good faith marriage with her ex-husband, and therefore, she faced the real possibility of losing her green card after the 751 interview.  Although it was not what we wanted to hear, but we knew that it was probably correct since he used to work as immigration officer before.

The problem with my sister’s case was that her ahole husband had totally isolated her and never allowed her to get any joint documents with him, no joint bank accounts, insurance papers, or even a driver’s license.  Besides her marriage and divorce papers she literally had nothing to prove her marriage to him. Mr. Amer sat with us and brainstormed with us all the ways that we were going to work around her problem.  He told us that this was going to require a lot of work.  What sort of surprised us was that that the fees that he requested were actually higher than those of the other attorneys.  But when I told him that he laughed and told us the difference was because he actually intended to work on the case.

I don’t want to exaggerate, but Mr. Amer spent tens and tens of hours on the case.  And unlike the other lawyers he did not want all the money to be paid upfront.  He told me that he wanted us to pay him only after earned his money.  Thanks to his hard work and creative thinking my sister got her permanent greencard.  We are so happy and grateful to him.

I should also mention something about what my sister told happened when Attorney Amer was with her for her interview.  She told me that the immigration officers seemed to like and respect him.  And some even came to say hello to him after her interview was finished.  She said that he was like a rock star there. When I told him about that, he said that they are only like that to him because he is extremely careful about his reputation and the cases that he takes on.  He told me that if he smelled something fishy with a case, he would not come close to it, regardless of how much money they offered to give him.

- Samuel R.

The Life saver!!
My family and I are SO GRATEFUL to Law22!!!  This firm literally saved our family!  When we went into Law22, our family’s financial situation was a total mess!, we had huge credit card debts, 2 lawsuits with a wage garnishment, and over a $150K on our second mortgage.   Although we went into Law22 just to file Bankruptcy, Mr. Amer told us that filing Bankruptcy was the easy part, but that identifying the reasons why we were in the hole that we were in was the hard work.
He said that without a clear plan, Bankruptcy would only be a temporary fix.  None of the other 4 attorneys that we saw even cared about that or even tried to think on that level, they just wanted our money so that they can file and move to the next customer.

At the end, Mr. Amer did not only file a flawless Bankruptcy petition but he also negotiated our second mortgage for an incredibly low amount and discussed strategies for us to cut unnecessary expenses and avoid falling for the same traps.  He literally turned our situation around 180 degrees.  This is a unique firm that is extremely talented but also driven by a higher purpose.  I really wish them all the best and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in any sort of trouble. Thanks alot!! Law22!!!
-Fernando R.

They have definitely proven to be our family lawyer, just like everyone needs a family doctor for any emergency at any moment, these guys were there for us. The Amer brothers waited and stayed beyond their office hours to help a family in need of legal advice.  They even waived the consultation fee!  As for our current case, the Law22 office and their associates have been almost like a great family support group.  Especially Frank Amer, he would call to check up on us and give us updates.  Unlike other law firms, these guys never left us in the dark.  I hope they keep that light burning for more people in need of legal guidance.

- Reva L.

I found Law 22 here on Yelp on a day when I had literally exhausted all other options of not having to bring a lawyer into the picture with the (preface: noncriminal) scenario I had been dealing with. I was (as my roommate will tell you because she could hear me through the walls) sobbing in my room, down on my hands and knees. Frustrated, angry, hurt, grinding my teeth, out of options and feeling helpless (a perfect storm for an ambulance chaser to take advantage of, mind you). It sounds dramatic now, but looking back, I’m not even sure how I was able to summon the energy to lift my fingers, reach for my laptop  and search keywords like “lawyer”.

Anyhow, Law 22 popped up among the first. Normally I’d search further, take at least 5 search results in, and then make a decision. Maybe these people and their five-star glowing reviews had easier, less complex and messy issues than mine. Maybe they were hired to write the reviews. I was burned and trusting no one but against my better judgment, my devil’s advocate made me pick up the phone.

Enter: the most gentle, reassuring (and intelligent) voice you could possibly hear when calling for help: “Hello, Law Twent—-“, followed by me trying to accurately encapsulate, using my best version of Law & Order legal lingo, a year’s plus worth of, “They said this. Then I did this. And then this happened, and then!!!!…and I was like WHAT?!”

Magically, the stranger on the other end listened, and even made the “ohh…oh wow…I’m so sorry” sound effects. And while I was pretty sure he wasn’t the lawyer (and if he was, what kind of a “lawyer answers his own phone” operation was this exactly?!), I needed to be heard, and I was so grateful he gave me that space to get it all out there. After I was done with my blubbering rant, we moved to the logistics. They could see me that day for a consultation.

Upon finally arriving (LATE Friday afternoon, shortly before closing, mind you), I was greeted warmly in the reception area by two professional women (it was a pleasant surprise to see it wasn’t an all-male biz) and offered water and a clipboard to fill out some preliminary info and to pay my $22 consultation fee (really, that’s the deal, no schtik-iness involved I’m pleased to report). We chit-chatted a bit. Turns out one of the women was the wife of the lawyer I’d be meeting with. She was doing an internship with the firm while she went to USC to complete her MBA. Fancy! Right off the bat, I felt at ease knowing I was working with smarty pants who were even married to other smarty pants.

I finally meet with Fadi, who reminds me of my favorite pediatrician from childhood – I knew seeing him usually meant a scary vaccination or throat swab, but I always looked forward to being in his warm, reassuring presence. Fadi is a no-nonsense, sharp, but jovial big-picture thinker. In just a few words from me, he was able to appreciate the complexity of my issue and arrive at a plan to resolve the multiple painpoints there were to tackle. What’s even better is that exactly as he had predicted his plan would work – it did, even though I was slightly skeptical of the strategy he had proposed during our consultation. Lets just say, I went in hoping to solve one problem, and left feeling clarity on literally ever issue I had faced and ever would.

After our initial consultation, the rest of the work we did together was by phone or over email.  The entire time, Fadi was very cautious and transparent with the time he spent on my case, while being communicative in a timely way and realistic about the scenario. He was careful not to promise me the moon and under-deliver with florescent lighting, so to speak. I am now at the end of this ordeal, and I can  say with 100% conviction that I couldn’t have gotten this far without his expertise. I wouldn’t even call him a lawyer, he is a legal ninja with a sixth sense I’m pretty sure they don’t teach you in law school, even at Harvard, where he graduated.

Law 22 is where it’s at. Their mission is to provide quality legal services at below-market average rates, and after my experience with them, I can say, in earnest, that I wish more establishments of their kind existed nationwide, if not worldwide. Warning: If you sign on with them after your initial consultation, don’t go into it thinking you can just rest on your laurels and watch them wave a magic wand to fix things for you. There are no gimmicks to their services, and because they are working at below market rate, you are not getting ALL the bells and whistles of a lawyer you’d pay full price having spoon feed you through your problem. That said, so long as you are willing to cooperate with their advice, and do a little bit of leg work yourself, you are golden.

Bottom line, visit them. And if after $22 of research investment, you’re not convinced, then you have done your due diligence and can be on merry way to other legal advice – but I wholeheartedly doubt you will need to look further.

- Sunaina S.